After meetings

    This is your chance to re-charge your batteries and get support and information from your nominating organisation and other consumers. It is also time for you to fulfill some of your obligations to inform others about your work.

    Reporting to your organisation

    Write a report as soon as possible after the meeting. Include in it the details of issues important to consumers; the decisions made; and a list for follow-up action or information.

    Feedback is an important part of representative work and you should work with your nominating organisation to decide what information they need and to seek their support and advice.

    You may be required to: write a report after each meeting; write monthly updates for a newsletter; and/or give a report at meetings of the organisation. The Chair will be able to advise and assist you when confidentiality requirements restrict the information you can share.

    Keeping in contact

    Keep in touch with the Secretariat and other committee members, even if there is a long break between meetings.

    Often some of the informal work of committees is done between meetings. It is important for consumer representatives to be aware of the informal discussions that are taking place amongst committee members.

    Reflecting and evaluating

    Reflection and evaluation are important tools for effective representation. Here are some tips which may help you to evaluate the progress of the committee and your effectiveness:

    • look for themes coming through the agenda
    • look for interests of members on various issues
    • look for interests in common
    • items that were not discussed that you thought would be
    • reflect on the role you have played, and on the roles played by others
    • can you identify the results of your participation or how your participation was blocked.

    Contact the committee Chair to obtain feedback on your role within the committee. Be prepared to receive both positive and negative comments.

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